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March 31st 2010
"Played good, easy jam over on the river. There are just way mor..."03:37 pm
"If you cbet, the purpose of it is to fire once and fold out Ahi ..."03:33 pm
"Flop plan is fine, turn you have to re-evaluate the situation an..."03:26 pm
March 29th 2010
"LOL. How did he ever win. He is SO BAD AT POKER. The amazing par..."11:09 am
March 9th 2010
"Would love you to defend 3betting preflop here. Unless this is ..."03:16 pm
"Assuming this is loose/passive a fish (given by your sizings it ..."03:14 pm
"I size a little bigger on flop/turn to setup river shove. I don..."03:11 pm
"Bet more on turn, jam river."03:04 pm
February 28th 2010
"Saw your Leggo post so I know the guy is a 4% 4b reg... I thi..."06:15 pm
"Hah! Sick coolerage... NH, I play it the same way."06:02 pm
"I love your potsize bet on the flop, nice. It's tough to kn..."06:01 pm
February 18th 2010
"J TILLY check behind yo. (shove is the only play, not close..."08:30 pm
"I'd love to raise here, but with this stack to pot ratio we don'..."08:30 pm
February 17th 2010
"lol at "I can't account for the minraise" :D Flatting pre her..."05:01 pm
"Pretty much always just gonna shove flop here. If we're calling ..."04:59 pm
February 12th 2010
"I'd flat pre. We get tonnes of value 3betting, but that's hugel..."04:05 pm
February 9th 2010
"Against someone who's calling with a wide range pre and has a fo..."05:14 pm
"I read a cold 4b here at $25nl to be VERY strong. So I'm just c..."05:11 pm
"I think you are playing inverse pokers where u call with the no ..."05:09 pm

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