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January 15th 2015
7d 6d 6h8c 10:11 am
December 6th 2014
tc ac ad8c 07:28 am
th 9c jhkc 07:27 am
5h as ah8h 07:26 am
October 27th 2014
7d 3s 4s8d 12:35 am
October 26th 2014
as ac 6hqc 11:44 pm
ad qh ahth 11:27 pm
October 20th 2014
8d 5c 7d6d 10:53 pm
October 4th 2014
jd 8d qs8s 07:26 am
September 28th 2014
6h 9d 7htd 08:31 am

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