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December 2nd 2011
"November Mistake Is this hand villain bet in to a dangerous boa..."12:56 am
"November Mistake When you have an over pair and no redraw then ..."12:55 am
"November Mistake I need to bet the flop and turn big. Given the..."12:53 am
"November Mistake I needed to check his went to show down. It wa..."12:50 am
"November Mistake This hand was played fine"12:46 am
"November mistake I need to pay attention to the hand I have. Pl..."12:43 am
"November mistakes On the turn I have the nut flush draw and sho..."12:41 am
December 1st 2011
"November mistake There are two mistakes here. 1 is that on the ..."11:35 pm
"November Mistake I need to turn this hand in to a bluff on the ..."11:31 pm
"November mistake I should just check/fold the turn since the 7 ..."11:27 pm
"November Mistake Villain is showing a lot of weakness on the fl..."11:24 pm
"November Mistake I need to consider the fact that I have a bloc..."11:20 pm
"November Mistake I had a wrap on the flop I need to just bet ou..."11:16 pm
"November Mistake On the turn we don't really like our outs even..."11:08 pm
"November Mistake When no one has interest on the flop, consider..."10:59 pm
"November Mistake This hand was played fine"10:55 pm
"November Mistakes Getting sticky again with overpairs when vill..."09:35 pm
"November Mistakes Just give up on the flop this is a drawy boar..."09:31 pm
"November Mistakes Villain is never bluffing here so lets just g..."09:28 pm
"November Mistakes I no reason to bet out, lets just see a cheap..."09:25 pm

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